He escaped on a dark and rainy night and fled to a town called Freedom, where he found a room above the grocery store on Liberty Road. My God, he had outplayed, outsmarted and defeated the Women! He was free!!
But was he really?
Because his initial euphoria quickly turned to fear. His face would be all over the news as a fugitive and he knew that there would be a bounty on his head for his capture and return. No doubt the elite (and feared) Femdom Squad and every Bounty Huntress in the land would be looking for him. They would chase him to the ends of the earth and return him like a runaway dog to his rightful owner. He became afraid of everything and everyone. In fact, he became afraid of his own shadow. So he barely went outside, because there was always the possibility of being recognized on the street. He sat by the window all day and watched the street below. Wary of anyone suspicious and constantly alert for every noise or movement. He was not free at all. He was a prisoner of his own fear.
It was 3am and he hadn’t slept in days. His thoughts drifted back to the night of his escape; the meticulous planning that went into it, the adrenaline rush and the feeling of triumph afterwards. He was so deep in thought that he did not hear the whispering voices outside and didn’t notice the moving shadows on the wall. It was going to be his last night in Freedom.

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