I’m confident in the belief that there is truly such a thing as living again,
and that the living spring from the dead

The ship arrived sometime around 1875 at Castle Garden Immigration Centre, Manhattan, New York. From there I travelled to a small town on the East Coast of the United States, where I found a job as town clerk & surveyor. I never married (somewhat unusual at the time) and I lived on the corner of a long uphill street. I had some money when I arrived, but I trusted people I should not have trusted and all my savings disappeared into someone else’s American dream. This would never have happened if my sisters were still alive. Five formidable Ladies with strong personalities, who raised me after our parents passed away. Their word was law and they made all the decisions for me. I looked up to them, revered them and always, always, always obeyed them without question. Even when I grew older. They made me feel safe and protected and for that alone I would do anything for them. They died in their thirties, one after the other in the space of fourteen months. I came to America in the hope of a new life. But not a day went by that I didn’t miss them. I would sit and stare at their portraits for hours, longing for their guidance.¬†I felt vulnerable, insecure and weak without them. So, who knows, perhaps this mysterious desire to obey Women originated not in this- but in my past life.
Past Life Regression Session – July 2018

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