This cottage, Hänsel said, is made of chocolate and biscuits.
He broke off a bit of the roof and took an enormous bite. A horrifying cracking sound followed.
Well, that’s one way of losing your baby teeth, Gretel said.
The cottage door opened and a Witch came out. Man, She was a knockout! Hänsel’s dick rose to the occasion and was ready to launch itself in orbit around the moon.
We’re a bit lost, he quikly said, spitting molars in the process.
The Witch licked Her lips like a predator looking at her prey.
Come in, She said, with a serpentine smile, all will be hell …. oops, I am so sorry, I mean: well. All will be well, that’s the spirit! 
Hänsel took Gretel by the hand and they went in. There was a large cage in the room.
Yikes, what a scary cage, Gretel shivered, I bet no one dares to go in there. 
Hänsel laughed, pushed Her aside and stepped into the cage. Its door fell shut behind him.
What did I tell you, Gretel grinned, easy does it.
The Witch chuckled and gave Gretel 20 silver coins.
Just out curiosity, what are you going to do with him? Gretel asked.
Sell him, I think, the Witch answered, or eat him. Don’t know yet.
Hänsel fell down on his knees.
No, no, no!!!! Gretel, I beg You, please don’t do this. Help me!
She looked at the coins in Her hand and opened the cottage door.
Na, sorry, bro.

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