Rose at six, opened the shutters, cleaned the fireplaces, lighted the kitchen fire, boiled the water and took it to Lady Ilsa. Swept & dusted the rooms and the hall, laid the cloth and got breakfast up. Cleaned three pairs of boots, stripped the beds, did the washstands and tidied the bathroom & bedrooms and made the beds. Cleared & washed the breakfast plates and cups away. Cleaned & rubbed up the table silver. Cleaned the kitchen and scrubbed the floor on my knees. Walked to Lady Isabel’s mansion, who lives 5 miles away, and gave Her a letter from Milady. Waited for the reply and hurried back. Laid table for lunch. Scrubbed the hall & steps on my knees. Cleared away luncheon. Picked & gutted two ducks and roasted them. Scrubbed the pantry on my knees and scoured the tables. Scrubbed round the house and cleaned the window sills. Laid the table for dinner. Cleared & washed away dinner plates, bowls, table silver, glasses etc. Served tea at nine for Milady and Her friends. Cleaned the privy, passage & scullery floor on my knees and cleaned the sink down. Cleared & washed the cups and glasses away. To bed at eleven, too tired to take off my uniform. Tomorrow it will start all over again, and yet I consider myself to be the luckiest sissy slave on the planet. April 1873 – Longfeet Hall, Derbyshire.  

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