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He heard drawers being opened and closed in the bedroom and heard Her mumble and talk to Herself: “I could have sworn” and “how is this possible” and such things. She was probably searching for Her phone, an earring, Her wallet or whatever.
Everything alright, darling? He yelled.
You stay out of this, Harold!
He could hear a hint of impatience in Her voice. He giggled softly. She was always so calm, confident and in control, always so strict, demanding and powerful. But now She was running around the house like a headless chicken. Small potatoes perhaps, but in a world of slaps & kicks, it brightened up his day a bit.
She stomped down the stairs and went into the kitchen. She wasn’t just opening and closing drawers anymore; She jerked them open and slammed them shut. Her frustration was almost palpable. Mayday – Mayday! Female Vortex on the move. She entered the living room and he hid behind his newspaper and pretended to read.
Unbelievable, She grumbled, they have disappeared into thin air.
Are You looking for something, dear? The words tiptoed from behind the newspaper.
Keys? Oh dear. Car keys, darling?
The keys to your chastity cage, Harold, if you must know.
His head popped over the newspaper like a Jack-In-The-Box: WHAT ?!??!?


Corporal punishment is not a punishment at all for a masochist. If anything: it’s a treat, a reward for bad behaviour. That won’t do, will it? So if you need to punish a man, then take control over the sausage between his legs, because¬†most slaves are madly in love with their own wiener. Herds of them will attach a photo of their ding-a-ling to a slave application. Quite disgusting, but there you go. I tend to ignore those applications all together, because I want a slave, not someone who’s obsessed with his own scrotum.¬†
A most adequate tool to tame the beast between his legs is a chastity device. Put his dick in the nick and power is yours. From now on he has to earn each orgasm. Each mistake will be punished and don’t be too squeamish about it. Be ruthless if you have to, because he loves being in this predicament. Trust Me: the longer his pickle is locked up, the more submissive and obedient he becomes. Besides: no matter where he is or what he does, he will be reminded of the fact that you’re the one who holds the key to his happiness. So lock him up and lock him down, because that’s more effective than a thrashing.¬†